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Hilltop News Advertising Information

The Hilltop News is a fascinating top-quality publication, professionally edited and published by the British Properties Area Homeowners’ Association.


This respected and interesting publication, produced in colour and on the highest quality paper, is delivered to approximately 3,000 households located in one of the most affluent neighbourhoods on the North Shore, from Glenmore stretching west to the houses above the highway.


Here’s your opportunity to advertise directly to people who are irresistibly drawn to the news that’s entirely about them and their neighbours. It’s always closely read - every time it’s published!


This extremely cost effective advertising is delivered and focused to a target market you want. It’s far more effective than advertising in a newspaper and less expense than direct mail.

Advertising Rates and Sizes – Our standard ad sizes:

  • Standard Single Ad

Size: 94 mm wide X 65 mm high, 3.56” wide x 2.56” high

Bundle ad rate – $500 for 2 issues for one year

One time ad rate – $275

  • Standard Double Ad

Size: 193 mm wide x 65 mm, 7.6” wide x 2.56” high

Bundle ad rate – $950 for 2 issues for one year

One time ad rate – $500


Advertising Special SizesWe also have special sizes available:

  • Half Page Horizontal – $800 per issue.

Size: 203 mm wide X 130 mm high, 8" wide X 5.125" high

  • Full Page – $1,500 per issue.

Size: 203 mm wide X 260 mm high, 8" wide X 10.25" high

  • Full Page Bleed – $1,750 per issue.

Size: 216 mm wide X 279.4 mm high, 8.5" wide X 11" high with a 3.2 mm or .125" bleed size

Ad Artwork Specifications

  • 300 DPI, Adobe Acrobat PDF (preferred file).

Other acceptable files are: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign (packaged file), and Adobe Illustrator (packaged file). Note for Adobe files, please provide files saved backwards to CC2014.

  • Custom Ad Design and Production 

If you require us to create the ad artwork, an additional one time fee of $100 for small ads and $250 for half page and full page ads. Files needed to produce your ad are: text in Word file or email, high resolution company logo file, and high resolution photos as required.

Payment Information – Make cheques payable and mail to:

  • British Properties Area Homeowners Association

P.O. Box 91504, West Vancouver BC V7V 3P2

To discuss this unique advertising opportunity, please contact:

Myriam Callot – Director and Advertising Sales

Telephone: 604-787-9959


Diana Sonderhoff – Director, Advertising and Hilltop News Editorial
Telephone: 604-926-2755


Julia Zhou – Asian Liaison / Membership

Telephone: 778-995-0922


Advertising Production – ONLY
Ullrich Schade, HilltNews/Website Producer

Contact for information on ad production or if you need to send files:

Telephone: 604-644-4914


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