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BPAHA President's Message


Dear members, friends and neighbours


As our British Properties Area Homeowners' Association is expanding to the West, we are representing all of the homes above the Highway, including up to Caulfield and Cypress Park Estates with an approximate number close to 4000 homes.


Many people do not realize that and assume we represent homes only in the British Properties, and with this message I would like to let you know, yes, we do represent all homeowners above the Highway.




The Board of Directors and I are striving to make a positive impact on our community at every given opportunity. Dear members, together we are looking forward to another purposeful and active year. But, to achieve such an important target we need your support, if your neighbour is not a member we urge you to invite them to join the British Properties Area Homeowners' Association and help us to accomplish our goal of being a strong voice in our municipality. If you are enthusiastic in working for your community, we appeal to you to join your board of directors and help your community in which you are proud of.


We also give out two awards to outstanding neighbours every year at our Annual General Meeting: The Community Service Award and the The Good Neighbour Award. If you know of anybody, you would like to nominate this fall, please let me know.


Remember, we actively represent you with any community concerns, work together with Block Watch, give out Student Scholarships to 5 different schools, publish our Hilltop News for our neighbourhoods, present awards, host special events in our community and work closely with our Municipality.


I look forward serving you this coming term and if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact myself or any of the Directors.


Warmest neighbourly wishes,

Heid Inman

BPAHA President


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